what this is.

Change is unavoidable.  And terrifying.  And joyous.

All too often, it’s unintentional.

I do not want my life story to be a string of accidents.  I want to change on purpose.

Here is my humble attempt to do so.  In consultation with my friends, family, and myself, I will select and explore aspects of life that both frighten and delight me.  I will explore different facets of myself, embrace novelty, and relentlessly pursue the outer limits of my comfort zone.  I will experiment.  In short, this is a vain attempt to become more interesting and more alive.

Some of these so-called experiments may only last a day.  Some may last for months.  But in an effort to be completely vulnerable, I will document my progress here.  Some of the challenges may be exceedingly personal.  Some may be profoundly boring.  But this is my promise to you (and to myself): I will talk about it.  Everything deserves a story, and every story deserves to be shared.