one week without.

I’m on my eighth day of sobriety, and I couldn’t be more delighted with this experiment thus far.

I had no idea how much better I would feel–both physically and mentally–eliminating alcohol from my diet.  As I alluded to in my second post, I’m sleeping better than I have in years.  I’m amazed at how quickly this change presented itself.  On my third day, I wasn’t sure if the restfulness of my sleep could be attributed to my sobriety, but after a full week of consistently satisfying slumber, I feel confident saying that not drinking has made a difference.  I haven’t woken up a single time in the middle of the night (as opposed to my usual 3-4 times), and I’m not dragging in the morning.  The one downside is that I’m more energetic right before bed, too, so it’s taking me a lot longer to fall asleep.

After one week, I’ve also lost 5 pounds in wine weight.  Considering I’m already super-skinny to begin with, the fact that I’ve dropped 5 pounds so quickly was surprising.  Because I’ve eliminated a daily source of about 800 calories, I find myself feeling hungrier earlier in the day, and I’m trying to be more deliberate about eating something before dinner.

But most importantly, I feel more in control.  I’m not as anxious as usual, and when I find myself spiraling into a cycle of negative self-talk, I’m able to crawl my way out of it more quickly.  I’m not as preoccupied with what other people think about me, and my conversations are smoother than usual.  (As much as I hate to admit it, I think my drinking inhibited my conversational skills, my ability to focus on others, impaired my memory, and even restricted my vocabulary to some extent.)

And, perhaps most shockingly, other people are not reacting to my sobriety as I thought they would.  Although my boyfriend offered me a glass of wine three times on my first day of sobriety (each time I politely declined), he otherwise didn’t seem to notice anything was different.  In fact, on my fifth day, I finally told him that I was doing a month-long sobriety challenge so that he wouldn’t get the wrong impression and think I was pregnant (plus, I wanted to tell somebody what I was up to).

My friends also haven’t seemed to notice–during a four-hour long board game soiree on Sunday, everyone was drinking except for me, and nobody commented.  And at trivia yesterday, although two of my friends mentioned the fact that I was drinking an energy drink instead of beer, they didn’t pressure me to order a drink.  They just noticed it, commented, and moved on.

My sobriety has (re)confirmed my suspicions: I’m not the center of the universe.  How sobering.


2 thoughts on “one week without.

  1. Congratulations! Sleep definitely improves without booze. Don’t be surprised if you find that life without alcohol only gets better and better over time.

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